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CTH O Grandma’s Creek Box Culverts Header Image

CTH O Grandma’s Creek Box Culverts

Client: Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Location: Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Donohue designed two reinforced concrete box culverts on CTH O for consecutive crossings of the meandering Grandma’s Creek.  The width of the culverts accommodates two lanes of traffic, bike lanes, and sidewalk.

One culvert opening is 11 feet x 14 feet and the other is 11 feet x 16 feet. Donohue realigned the creek on the eastern structure to match its historic location and designed a skewed culvert in order to improve the creek hydraulics.

The design of each culvert included a deep channel for fish passage and measures to enhance the amphibian environment. A parallel 1,000-foot long wingwall was used on the east structure as a retaining structure to minimize impacts to the stream and adjacent wetlands. A scenic overlook, with decorative railing, were provided for the enjoyment of pedestrians and bicyclists.