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CTH OK / CTH EE Roundabout  Header Image

CTH OK / CTH EE Roundabout

Client: Sheboygan County Transportation Department

Location: Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

The CTH OK/EE intersection improvement was initiated by Sheboygan County to address hazardous safety concerns and significant crash history. Accident rates at the intersection exceeded statewide averages and usually involved personal injuries.

In order to minimize right-of-way and provide the improved safety, a roundabout was selected as the preferred alternative for the intersection modification. The roundabout is a 140-foot diameter, single-lane facility with bicycle and pedestrian accommodations. The west approach to the intersection was re-graded for 500 feet, eliminating a substandard vertical curve that blocked the view of on-coming traffic.

The geometry was coordinated with the pending road reconstruction project to the north and a future reconstruction to the west and south. Coordination with adjacent landowners was crucial so that a supper club on the southwest corner was able to stay open during construction, the City of Sheboygan business park on the northwest can maintain open ditch stormwater drainage, and a school on the northeast can develop recreation field plans with access for pedestrian and bicycles.

In the first year after project completion, no accidents occurred at this intersection.